Which Best Describes Queen Elizabeth’s Speaking Style In The Passage?

Which best describes Queen Elizabeth speaking style in the passage the farewell speech?

Which best describes Queen Elizabeth’s speaking style in the passage? She appeals to her audience through their emotions.

What is the best description of Queen Elizabeth’s purpose in this speech?

Who is the intended audience and what is the best description of Queen Elizabeth’s purpose in this speech? Answer: The intended audience was the troops. She is encouraging her audience to feel proud of their patriotism by fighting for England.

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Which statement best describes Queen Elizabeth’s use of rhetorical appeals in this passage she relies on pathos by reminding the troops of their love?

The best answer for this question would be: She relies on pathos by reminding the troops of their loved ones at home.

What is Queen Elizabeth’s purpose in this passage to inform the troops of their orders for the upcoming battle to persuade the troops that they should invade Spain to inform the troops about past kings of England to persuade the troops that she is a capable commander?

Answer: The purpose of this passage is to show that the queen has authority and to prepare the troop for the fight against the expected invasion by the Spanish Armada. To show the troops that she has the heart and stomach of a king.

Which word best describes the author’s feeling toward his subject?

Tone is the author’s attitude toward the topic. The author’s attitude is expressed through the words and details he or she selects.

What does this passage indicate about Gertrude quizlet?

What does this passage indicate about Gertrude? Gertrude’s dialogue shows her sense of urgency and desperation, proving that she is truly worried about Hamlet. When a reader studies the combined effect of similes, metaphors, and allusions in Hamlet, the reader is analyzing the choices.

Which statement describe the central idea of a text?

Answer. Answer: A thesis is the central claim or main argument of an essay. Because it provides a unifying theme for the rest of the essay, it typically appears early on—in shorter papers, most often within the first paragraph or two.

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What is the overall purpose of Queen Elizabeth address to the troops at Tilbury?

The Speech to the Troops at Tilbury was delivered on 9 August Old Style (19 August New Style) 1588 by Queen Elizabeth I of England to the land forces earlier assembled at Tilbury in Essex in preparation for repelling the expected invasion by the Spanish Armada.

What is logos and pathos?

Ethos is about establishing your authority to speak on the subject, logos is your logical argument for your point and pathos is your attempt to sway an audience emotionally.

How did Queen Elizabeth use pathos and ethos in the speech?

In the opening lines of her speech, Queen Elizabeth uses the appeal to pathos by referring to her people as loving. She knows that in writing this speech, she must convey her power and authority, while at the same time, convey herself as an equal to her people.

What rhetorical devices are used in Queen Elizabeth speech?

Queen Elizabeth persuaded the English troops to defend their country with rhetoric devices such as diction, imagery, and sentence structure to raise their morale and gain loyalty as a woman in power. Queen Elizabeth skillfully used diction throughout her speech to motivate the troops.

What is Queen Elizabeth purpose in this passage Brainly?

What is Queen Elizabeth’s purpose in this excerpt? to persuade Parliament that the method of choosing successors to the throne based simply on birthright needs to be revised. to persuade Parliament that her child should not be considered a possible choice for successor to the English throne.

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What is the tone of Queen Elizabeth speech?

The overall tone or attitude of the speech is sincere.

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