Readers ask: How To Make Southern Style Shrimp And Grits?

What do Southerners put in grits?

Grits can be served sweet with butter and sugar, or savory with cheese and bacon. They can serve as either a component of breakfast, or a side dish at dinner. #SpoonTip: Cheese should be added during the last 2-3 minutes of cooking with the pot removed from direct heat. This will help avoid clumping.

What are Southern grits?

Southern grits are some of the creamiest, dreamiest grits on the planet. Made from stone-ground grits and slow cooked to perfection, they’re finished with a generous heap of butter, cheese, and heavy cream. The result is slightly toothsome grits that rival the richest risotto — and are even easier to make.

Why is shrimp and grits popular in the South?

Shrimp, Sailors, and South Carolina During prime shrimp season, many sailors began their day with shrimp cooked in butter and served over smooth, southern grits. Though the sailors were early adopters of this briny breakfast, it is now widely enjoyed as an iconic dish of the South.

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Is shrimp and grits Southern food?

Shrimp and grits are a true Southern classic! Shrimp and grits comes from this ‘low country’ area, the Carolinas and Georgia, but has been a staple for the Gullah-Geechee culture for hundreds of years before it ever became popular or trendy.

Why do Southerners eat grits?

“Grits are inherently Southern, so they identify as a taste of the South across cultures,” she says. Murray theorizes that grits can be traced back much further than to the kitchens run by African American and white women in the antebellum South.

What does kiss my grits mean?

A nice way of saying “eff you.” Its a spin on the phrase “kiss my a**”, written into a TV show from the 80s called “Alice”. The saying was usually preceded by the name “Mel” who was the owner of the diner where Flo, the waitress who made the saying famous, worked.

Are grits bad for you?

Grits are a staple Southern American dish made from ground, dried corn and particularly rich in iron and B vitamins. Stone-ground varieties are more nutritious, as they undergo less processing than quick, regular, or instant types. Though grits are fairly healthy, they’re typically served with high-calorie ingredients.

What brand of grits is best?

Best Grits

  • TOP 1. Quaker Instant Grits, 4 Flavor Variety Pack. Quaker Instant Grits, 4 Flavor Variety Pack. TOP 1.
  • TOP 2. Palmetto Farms, Grits Stone Ground White. Palmetto Farms, Grits Stone Ground White. TOP 2.
  • TOP 3. PALMETTO FARMS Stone Ground Yellow Grits. PALMETTO FARMS Stone Ground Yellow Grits. TOP 3.
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Is grits the same as pap?

Pap (pronounced Pup) or mieliepap (mielie = maize) is the traditional accompaniment to many South African meals. It’s basically the same as the grits of the Southern United States: a white (or rarely, yellow) corn-meal (NOT corn-flour) porridge.

What goes best with shrimp and grits?

What goes with Shrimp and Grits?

  • A simple green tossed salad dressed with Buttermilk Dressing or Green Goddess Dressing.
  • Southern Collard Greens.
  • Creamed Spinach.
  • Creamed Peas.
  • Roasted Broccoli.
  • Roasted Asparagus.
  • Green Bean Salad.

Did slaves eat shrimp and grits?

There are also known writings from the Gullah Geechee, descendants of slaves from West Africa, that mention meals resembling shrimp and grits. This is most likely because the Gullah slaves would periodically receive allowance or food, including grits.

What are shrimp and grits called?

Cooks and chefs throughout the South, indeed all over the country, spin their takes on shrimp and grits recipes. The history of shrimp and grits (sometimes called “ breakfast grits ”) lays a line through the entire received history of our country.

What does grits taste like?

Grits typically have a mild taste. If you are looking for another food that has a similar taste to grits, home-made cornbread comes the closest. Well-prepared grits have a smooth and even consistency, much like peanut butter. But since the corn is processed before cooking, it doesn’t have a distinct taste or flavor.

What does shrimp and grits taste like?

Like any structure, constructing a great Shrimp and Grits requires a robust foundation. Cooking the grits in water makes them taste… well… watery. Cooking them in milk makes them rich and creamy, but they still taste pretty bland.

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What can I serve with grits?

Classic Grits You can top them with almost anything you can think of, from braised beef to griddled sausage and runny eggs, or serve them as a side for fried chicken or fish.

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