Readers ask: How To Fold Underwear Military Style?

How do you fold a military sock?

How to fold socks military style

  1. Straighten your socks out on a flat surface.
  2. Place socks directly on top of each other.
  3. Roll socks from the bottom up, until you’ve reached the top.
  4. Once rolled up, hold the inside of the outside sock.
  5. Pull the outside edge, while still holding the inside, and pull it around.

What is the little pocket in women’s underwear?

The reason for the pocket is simple: A small piece of fabric— called a gusset —sits in the crotch of your panties to provide reinforcement, breathability, and moisture-wicking.

Do you fold underwear meaning?

Folding your underwear keeps it looking fresh and ready to wear. Underwear might seem unwieldy but there’s a way to fold it into small rectangles for easy stacking. Whether you’re folding panties, briefs, boxers or thongs, it’s worth the extra effort.

Is it OK to hang bras?

Like The Good Housekeeping Institute said, If you have the time and space, hanging each bra up will ensure each garment is kept extremely safe from damage and it lets the material breathe. Remember NOT to hang your bras from the straps though as it may damage the garment.

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