Question: How To Style Scrubs?

How can I make my scrubs look cute?

Tips to Look Good and Cute in Scrubs

  1. Flaunt Scrubs That Compliment Your Fit. By wearing scrubs that fit well can make all the difference in terms of comfort and appearance.
  2. Accessorize Your Scrubs Smartly.
  3. Select the Right Fabric Blend to Enjoy Comfort.
  4. Style Yourself in the Right Prints and Colors.
  5. Take Care of Your Scrubs.

Are you supposed to wear clothes under scrubs?

Other times, it is perfectly acceptable—and even preferable—to wear your own clothes underneath your scrub tops and pants. If your job involves working anywhere near an operating room, you won’t be allowed to wear anything underneath your scrubs.

What do you wear on top of scrubs?

DO Add Warmth with Nursing Outerwear.

  • Choose a scrubs warm-up jacket that matches or complements your scrubs.
  • Wearing a turtleneck or long-sleeve T-shirt underneath your scrubs is a hit-or-miss proposition.

How do you wear too big scrubs?

If your scrubs are a little too large, shrinking them using a washing machine and dryer is a quick way to bring them down to size. Remember that 100 percent cotton scrubs shrink faster and smaller than cotton/polyester scrubs.

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Should scrubs be baggy?

Size is important, and you generally want fitting scrubs – not too small, but not too baggy either. Loose, baggy scrubs can become difficult to move around quickly in, and if you decide to pick loose-fitting scrub pants, you may have trouble keeping them on in hectic situations.

Should scrubs be tight or loose?

Your scrubs shouldn’t be so baggy that movement is difficult, or so tight that they’ll split.

Do you tuck your scrubs in?

Those who are thin and slender tend to look better in tucked in tops in general, while those with a bit of belly usually look better with a tucked out scrub top. Some who wear their scrubs tucked in claim to find it more comfortable and feel more secure knowing that their scrubs won’t ride up.

How do I look thinner in scrubs?


  1. Choose V-neck scrub tops.
  2. Slim-cut, jogger or skinny cut scrub pants make your legs look longer and draw attention away from your middle.
  3. Don’t go with a fit that’s too tight or tapered-cut but not so loose they’re baggy.

What do female nurses wear under their scrubs?

There is a common term that nurses and other medical professionals use to explain what they wear underneath their scrub uniforms, and that is “ underscrubs.” Underscrubs are exactly what they sound like they would be – clothing designed to be worn under medical scrubs.

What should you wear if you don’t have scrubs?

Many healthcare professionals wear solid long-sleeve shirts underneath their tops. You might also consider a simple t-shirt, which will provide medium warmth without making you overheat. If you’re a doctor or work in another position that calls for a lab coat, this is another excellent layering option.

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What jewelry looks good with scrubs?

Medium-size hoop earrings are a good choice at any age. 4. Look for wear and tear. Nothing looks worse than scrubs that are in poor condition; stained, wrinkled, frayed or torn clothing will make you look the same.

Do nurses wash their own scrubs?

Nursing uniforms are integral to the job, both for hygiene and for identification purposes, arguably more than in almost any other profession. Some workplaces provide nurses with laundry rooms, whereas others ask nurses to take their uniforms home with them to wash in their own time and at their own expense.

Do scrubs shrink in dryer?

Do scrubs shrink in the dryer? Yes, they can. In fact, depending on the material, your scrubs may shrink a full size, but it may take one or two washes before they’ve hit maximum shrinkage.

How do I know what size scrubs to get?

Take Measurements In order to get the proper size of scrubs, you may need to take your measurements in advance. Bust or chest, waist, height, hip, outside leg, and inseam measurements can help you ensure that the size of the scrub you order will fit correctly.

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