Question: How Much Is Style Seat A Month?

Is the StyleSeat app free?

We help independent beauty professionals get organized, get booked and get paid. For $35 a month, you’ll have full access to all our scheduling, client management, and marketing tools; with all that time you’ll be saving you can book more appointments or finally take a vacation.

How does StyleSeat make money?

For a 50% cut of each new client’s first appointment as a referral fee, StyleSeat takes over much of the admin associated with running and growing a business off a hairstylist’s hands. The company guarantees each customer 70% revenue growth in 15 months.

Does StyleSeat take a percentage?

When StyleSeat connects you with a new Client through this program, StyleSeat will charge you 50% of your advertised service cost for that appointment (the “New Client Delivery Fee”), up to a maximum of $50 per new Client. This charge will come out of what the Client pays you for the agreed upon service.

How do you start a StyleSeat?

How do I set up my business on StyleSeat?

  1. Go to and click “GET STARTED” or tap “Set Up My Business” on the app.
  2. Fill out the form with your email, password, and phone number and tap “SIGN UP” or continue sign-up with Facebook or Apple.
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Does StyleSeat report to IRS?

Taxes. If in a given calendar year your payments through the Services meet the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) or state taxing authority thresholds for required reporting, StyleSeat will report your User Tax Information annually to the IRS or other governing authority, as required by law.

Does StyleSeat charge your card?

If your stylist uses automatic checkout, your card will be automatically charged after your appointment is complete. Tipping* happens separately: Otherwise, you will be charged for the default tip in your account settings.

Who created StyleSeat?

StyleSeat was born in 2011 when she and co-founder Dan Levine launched the online booking destination for salon professionals; it has become the premier marketplace for independent beauty Pros to grow their businesses, and where Clients can easily discover and book their beauty and grooming services.

How do I require a deposit on StyleSeat?

When clients book an appointment with you, they’ll enter a credit card to hold their spot. You can choose to require an upfront deposit or let StyleSeat charge them automatically after the appointment. You can always edit and confirm the payment details with your client even though the payment is touchless.

How do I turn off smart price on StyleSeat?

Have a client you don’t want to upcharge? You can always disable this feature from a specific appointment by clicking the disable link within the appointment details. This will revert the price to the original amount, and remove all mention of Smart Pricing from the appointment.

How much is Booksy a month?

How much does Booksy cost? We will provide you with a free trial to get to know the app and how it works. After the trial period, the total cost depends on the number of staff members on the account. The base cost is $29.99 per month plus $10 per month for each additional staff member.

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How does fresha make money?

when a client books through the Fresha marketplace, your website or social pages, or confirms or pays using one of our payment systems. We only charge the fee after the appointment. And the transaction fee is only ever charged once per booking, so the maximum you’ll pay is 2.19% + $0.20 per transaction.

How much does square appointments cost?

Free for individuals: Square Appointments is free for individuals, so you’ll have more money to spend on growing your business. And if you have employees, Square Appointments costs $50 per month for two to five employees and $90 per month for six to ten employees.

Do you have to pay for Acuity Scheduling?

Yes, you can try any Acuity plan free for seven days. Acuity also offers a “Freebie” plan, which includes a calendar for one person at a single location. With the free plan, you can access basic features like client self-scheduling and unlimited client services and appointments.

How do I create a style seat account?

How do I create a StyleSeat client account?

  1. Go to our website or download and open the StyleSeat App.
  2. Tap “SIGN UP”
  4. Enter your “Full Name” along with an email address and your desired password; NOTE: You can also sign up with Facebook or with Apple.

How do I book an appointment with StyleSeat?

Booking an appointment on StyleSeat is super easy. First, create an account; you can do that by visiting our homepage ( and clicking “Sign Up”. Then, search for the service you’re looking for and your location.

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