Often asked: Where Is The Style Number On American Eagle Jeans?

Where do I find my style number on American Eagle jeans?

The style number of a product is located on a small, white, paper-like label located under the wash and care labels.

How do you find the exact pair of jeans?

Usually there is text embroidered or printed on a small tag on the inside of most mens pants. It will have either a UPC or a style number on it. Google this number and often you can find someone who is still selling your favorite pair of jeans.

What does short mean in American Eagle jeans?

The Inseam is shorter. Their short jeans would fit you without getting them hemmed.

How do I find my gap style number?

The style number can be found on a small white tag inside the item, and it appears in this format: S/xxxxxx-xx.

Do American Eagle sizes run small?

The size five times larger than my typical size. I don’t know what happened when American Eagle made these shorts, but they run SMALL in all caps. However, once I sized up quite a bit, I found a pair of shorts that have become my favorite.

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How do I know what style Levis I have?

At Levi’s®, we use a Product Code (which we call a PC9) to identify the Style and Finish of our products. The Product Code can be found in two places. You can see it on the small, white ‘wash & care’ labels sewn into each of our products.

What do the numbers on Levis jeans mean?

For men, each number in the Levi’s collection signifies the overall sit, including the rise of the waist, the cut of the leg opening, and the fit of the seat. For women, each style number indicates the fit through the waist, hips and thighs, with many leg shapes and cuts to choose from.

How do I know what Colour my Levis are?

How to Determine the Color of Levi Jeans From a Tag

  1. Look inside the jeans for a fabric tag. The tag is generally white and located at the back of the jeans under the waistband.
  2. Look at the tag to find a nine-digit product code, call a PC9.
  3. Write down the four digits at the end of the product code.

What size does American Eagle carry in store?

In denim, the retailer carries up to a 24 in store and only an XL in tops, dresses, and some pants. Because so many things were oversized, it was good to try things on. For example – I tried on a size 16 skirt and fit into it but it was TIGHT so a size 18 felt way better.

How short are short jeans?

For women who are 5 feet 3 inches or under, a “petite” inseam is considered anywhere from 25 to 28 inches. Of course, the length will differ depending on the style; boyfriend jeans and capris will be closer to 23 inches, while bootcut and flare can be as long as 30 and still be considered “short.”

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