Often asked: How To Style A Rectangle Coffee Table?

How do you style a large square coffee table?

On square coffee tables, try dividing the surface into quadrants and display an arrangement of four main items: A stack of books, a tall plant, a tray, or a collection of bowls, for example. This grid feels organized and dynamic at the same time. Move items the four quadrants until you reach the best display.

What do you put on a coffee table?

Stack books and place decorative objects, like bowls or a vase of flowers, on top of each. Individual stacks will help make it feel more compact and less cluttered. See more at Amber Interiors. If you’ve got an upholstered coffee table, like an ottoman, try using a runner to play with patterns.

How do you place a rectangular coffee table?

The general rule of thumb is to place the coffee table within about 14 inches to 18 inches from the sofa. That’s close enough to reach for a magazine, but still offers plenty of leg room.

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How can I make my coffee table look nice?

A simple arrangement of seasonally appropriate flowers, along with complementary candles and coffee table books, are all it takes. Go for a woven coffee table. Add texture and personality to your living room by opting for a handwoven coffee table that offers ample space to show off your accessories.

Can you put a square tray on a round coffee table?

If you have a round table, I suggest going with a square or rectangular tray. Round on round would not be a good look. However, a round tray could work well for a rectangular tray (as evidenced by the tray on B’s dining room table).

What is the size of coffee table?

The average size of a coffee table is between 36-48 inches in length and 18-24 inches in width. Or just keep in mind that the average size of a coffee table should not be more than 2/3 of the length of your couch (whatever the dimensions of your couch might be).

Does a coffee table need to be centered?

Although it is customary for the coffee table to be centered in a room, this isn’t always necessary. In fact, some rooms do not have an ideal shape for this layout. Sometimes, a living room with an odd size can even work better by using two center points.

How do I update my coffee table?

Apply several thin coats of spray paint to the base of the coffee table. Use wood filler to smooth out the table top if necessary. Apply shellac-based primer to table top. Paint table top with white paint.

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Where should I position my coffee table?

Coffee tables come in all sorts of heights, but as a general rule of thumb, aim to keep the height of your coffee table pretty close to the height of your sofa give or take around four inches. This in order to allow you easy access to the table when sitting down.

How much space should be between couch and coffee table?

Leave about 16 inches between a coffee table and a couch, to allow plenty of leg room. Choose a table that’s within about four inches of the sofa’s height. Select end tables that are about the same height as the arm of the couches or chairs they will be placed next to.

How do I arrange my end tables?

Place end tables on each side of a couch or loveseat, spacing them an equal distance from each arm for a symmetrical appearance. Use mismatched end tables for a casual, asymmetrical look. For small, intimate conversation areas, center one end table between two chairs.

What do you put on a side table?

Read on to find out what our favorite must-haves are for a well-styled side table.

  • Lighting. Shed some light on it.
  • Something to read. Take the books off the shelf and bring them into the room.
  • A Favorite Treasure. Put your favorite things on display.
  • A little ambiance.
  • A Basket or Dish.

How do I protect my coffee table?

Prevention is key

  1. Keep coasters and trays handy.
  2. Wipe up spills immediately with a paper towel or clean cloth.
  3. Don’t slide things across your coffee table surface.
  4. Keep the table away from heating vents or radiators to prevent cracking and splitting.

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