How To Wrap Hair With Scarf African Style?

How do you wrap a African scarf in your hair?

Place the center at the base of your neck and bring the ends to the front, making sure the scarf covers your ears. Tie the scarf into a double knot. Pull the each end of the headscarf back over the top of the head. The scarf should completely cover your hair.

What are African hair wraps called?

In Nigeria a head tie is called a gele — that’s the word used by the Yoruba, one of the country’s many ethnic groups. But the wearing of head wraps is traditional for all Nigerians and indeed for most African cultures. An artfully folded gele is part of everyday wear and de rigueur for special occasions like weddings.

What do head wraps symbolize?

In other cultures, headwraps signify respect. Southern African women have been known to culturally wear doeks as an outward sign that they are engaged, married or bereaved. Spiritually as well, head coverings are perceived as a sign of respect, humility and sometimes modesty.

What material is best for head wraps?

Cotton and polyester wraps are best for styling, though the material could potentially be damaging to your hair with prolonged wear. Remedy this by wearing a silk scarf or bonnet under your cotton/polyester for max protection and styling versatility.

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Is it good to wrap your hair at night?

Wearing a hair wrap not only allows you to control the shape of your hair during the night but also prevents the atmosphere from affecting it. Dry air will not cause it to become brittle overnight. On the other hand, moisture in the air will not cause its volume to expand.

Why did female slaves wear head wraps?

In the antebellum South, enslaved black women were forced to wear kerchiefs or headwraps as part of their uniform. While the cloth protected their hair from lice and perspiration as they worked under the blazing sun, it was also used to designate their inferior status.

What does the Bible say about the head covering?

In 1 Corinthians 11:7, he states that man is the “glory of God” and that for this reason “a man ought not to have his head covered.” In the same verse, Paul also states that the woman is the “glory of man.”

How do you wear head wraps?

The easiest way to wear a head wrap or hair scarf is to simply leave your hair down. All you have to do is grab your head wrap and slip it on while leaving your locks as they are. If you’re using a hair scarf, simply wrap it around your head and tie it at the nape of your neck.

What cultures wear head wraps?

Several cultures around the world wear head coverings, including Japanese, Eastern Europeans, Turks, Native Americans, Bangladeshis, Filipinos, Jews, Muslims, and Sikhs. African and African American women have long wrapped fabrics around their hair, for example, iconic women like Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone.

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