How To Style Short Starter Locs?

What should you not do with starter locs?

7 Things Not to Do With Your Dreadlocks

  • Avoid Build Up at All Cost.
  • Do Not Use Wax on Your Dreadlocks.
  • Never Retwist Dry Locs.
  • Over Maintenance Is Damaging.
  • Avoid Tight Styling.
  • Things Not to Do With Your Dreadlocks – Homemade Treatments.
  • Bleaching will damaged your dreads.

Is it good to style your starter locs?

No Manipulation – Your starter locs are in the beginning phase of formation and is at its most fragile stage. Less is best when you start your locs, so minimal manipulation will help protect your locs and keep them from unraveling and/or breaking. This keeps your locs protected and out of the way.

How often should I Retwist starter locs?

Starter locs should be washed monthly or no more than every six week. If you interlock, you can go as long as eight weeks between retwists.

How do you maintain starter locs?

As you begin your starter loc journey consider these five tips.

  1. Allow it to grow with little to no manipulation.
  2. Limit hair products.
  3. Use natural oils.
  4. Pay attention to the frequency of wash days.
  5. Say no to deep conditioning.
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Should I spray my starter locs with water?

1. Spray your hair with Water Regularly. This is probably one of the best tips for starter locs that I can give. I usually spray my hair with water almost every day, if not twice a day.

Why does my starter locs keep unraveling?

Unraveling can occur for a number of reasons, maybe you’re over-washing your locs, the texture of your hair is a bit more soft when growing locs, which makes the process difficult, or maybe you forgot to cover your hair one too many times during the month.

Can I wash my starter locs after 2 weeks?

4. Don’t over-wash your locs. While locs are more prone to odors and buildup than loose hair, over-washing can dry out your scalp and lead to flaking, itchiness, breakage, and thinning locks. We recommend once every 1-2 weeks, and don’t wash starter locs until they have some time to mature.

When can I style my starter locs?

Starter: 3-6 Months There are several styles—such as braids, two-strand twists, comb coils and palm rolls—that you can choose from to start off your locs.

What are the do’s and don’ts of locs?

Dos and Don’ts for Locks (Part 1)

  • Do: moisturize. I decided to mention this first because it is so important.
  • Do: let your locks air dry.
  • Don’t: try too hard to pick out the lint from your locks.
  • Don’t: pull off the buds from the end of your locks.
  • Don’t: apply oils as a moisturizer.

What styles can you get with starter locs?

Braids. Braids (or plaits) may be the go-to starter loc style for people with a looser hair texture to prevent unraveling in the beginning loc stages, particularly when the hair gets wet. Keep in mind that braid locs will not be as circular as rolled or twisted locs; since the braid is flat, your locs will be as well.

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Can I tie up my starter locs?

For the most part it’s fine to tie your dreads back even when they are new, but there are a couple things to look out for: You can slide the dreads that feel tight out of the band, toward the root a little to relieve the tension. Ultimately it’s clockwise rubbing that will help the new growth lock.

How do you keep starter locs moisturized?

Massage a small amount of cream into locs every morning and again in the evening. Creams that contain tea tree oil, peppermint, coconut oil, avocado oil, Shea butter or mango butter have good moisturizing properties. Cover your locs with a silk scarf before going to bed.

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