How To Style Nike Blazers With Shorts?

Are Nike Blazers back in fashion?

We are very much welcoming back this iconic Nike silhouette for 2020. Think streetwear cool with a sophisticated flair. Relaxed and refined, we are styling The Nike Blazer 77 with tailoring staples and casual classics for a cool, understated 2020 look.

Why are Nike Blazers so popular?

The Nike Blazer was among the most popular models for skaters because of the way the vulcanized rubber sole would stick to the grip tape of their board. The heavy suede and leather uppers also could withstand the wear and tear of skating.

Are Nike Blazers comfortable?

The model fits true to size but you might want to order a half size up to get in and out easily. Comfort-wise, these blazers aren’t as comfy as other Nike designs but are comfortable enough. You will not get as much cushioning as in the Air Max or Air Force 1 silhouette, but there’s enough to make them agreeable.

Should I size up for Nike Blazers?

FIT: The Nike Blazer Mid ’77 fits true to size, but if you want more room then go half a size up. CARE: Nike Blazers are difficult to wipe clean because of the fabric upper. SIZING: The Nike Blazer comes in men’s and women’s sizing, and they both run true to size.

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Are Nike Blazer Mid 77 worth it?

The Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage is a comfortable and amazing shoe on feet, according to several wearers. Many customers are attracted to the shoe’s vintage and lovely design. It is one of the Nike sneakers that are of good quality, according to some reviews.

Do Nike Blazer Mids crease?

An issue that disgruntles few customers was the creasing of the ankle portion of the sneaker. A couple of reviewers also noticed that the Nike Blazer Mid was hard to clean and an appalled user even mentions that it attracts a crazy amount of lint.

Are Nike Blazers good for winter?

The Blazer has been a staple silhouette for Nike SB since the early days. Now, the brand have updated it into a winter ready and rugged sneaker, perfect for the colder months we experience over here.

What laces do Nike use?


  • 4 eyelets: best with 27″ (69cm approx.) laces.
  • 5 eyelets: best with 36″ (91cm approx.) laces.
  • 6–7 eyelets: best with 45″ (114cm approx.) laces.
  • 8 eyelets: best with 54″ (137cm approx.) laces.
  • 9–10 eyelets: best with 60″ (152cm approx.) laces.
  • 10 eyelets: best with 72″ (183cm approx.)

How long are Nike Blazer Mid 77 laces?

The Nike Blazer Features 8 eyelets and Flat shoelaces and is best laced with Flat laces 140 cm in length.

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