How To Style Houndstooth Pants?

What do you wear with houndstooth pants?

If you really want to dress up your houndstooth pants, you can pair them with a simple black blouse, power heels, pearls, and a classic purse.

How do men wear houndstooth pants?

A black overcoat and houndstooth pants are the ideal way to infuse a touch of manly elegance into your current arsenal. For something more on the cool and casual side to round off this outfit, complement your outfit with a pair of black athletic shoes.

What are houndstooth pants?

Houndstooth, hounds tooth check or hound’s tooth (and similar spellings), also known as dogstooth, dogtooth, dog’s tooth, or pied-de-poule, is a duotone textile pattern characterized by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes, often in black and white, although other colours are used.

Is houndstooth in style?

Houndstooth is a recurring theme on the runway, never going out of style. With consumers making more careful buying decisions, this trend’s classic nature offers reassurance through wardrobe longevity. It’s been endorsed by icons including JLo, Cardi B and most notably Beyoncé.

Can you wear houndstooth in the summer?

Move Over Gingham, Houndstooth is Summer 2019’s Hottest Check. For as long as I can remember, gingham has reigned supreme as Summer’s check of choice. But this season, the perennial after-Labor Day pattern has got some sharp competition from another woven hero: houndstooth.

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What matches black and white houndstooth?

Just a black and white houndstooth blazer and navy chinos. Rock a black and white houndstooth blazer with white print jeans for a laid-back getup with a contemporary spin. To inject a fun vibe into your outfit, opt for a pair of white athletic shoes.

Is houndstooth In Style 2021?

Is houndstooth still in fashion? Yes, houndstooth is still fashionable for fall 2021 winter 2022.

When was houndstooth invented?

Houndstooth originated in Scotland in the 1800s, and its canine-inspired title holds true to its roots – the broken check shape is influenced by the uneven outline of a hound dog’s tooth.

Why do they call it houndstooth?

Houndstooth, also known as “shepherd’s check” is a classic pattern that coined its name after it’s resemblance to the shape of a dog’s tooth. Worn as an outer garment by shepherds, houndstooth originated in wool cloth from the Scottish lowlands dating back to the 19th century.

Who is famous for wearing houndstooth?

In the 1930s, the houndstooth pattern was adapted by the wealthy as a symbol of style; it became a favorite motif of Christian Dior, who famously created a pointed court-like shoe featuring the pattern. Today, fashion houses such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Armani use houndstooth in their collections.

What is the difference between houndstooth and herringbone?

So what are herringbone and houndstooth, and how can you tell them apart? Both are twill patterns with strong associations to menswear. Herringbone gets its name from its bands of V-shaped lines, which resemble a fish’s skeleton. Houndstooth is a bit bolder, especially when the pattern is repeated at larger sizes.

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What Colour is houndstooth?

A black and white houndstooth sofa surrounded with accents of red or yellow exudes sophistication. Orange or teal accessories excite a pair of gray or brown houndstooth chairs to create urban chic. A small houndstooth pattern lends a polished elegance, while a large pattern presents a more casual one.

Is houndstooth timeless?

Houndstooth is a great example of an elegance which combines classic, modern and sophisticated styles all together. It was Chanel favorite pattern. Also designers like Dior, Geoffrey Beene and Alexander McQueen used it in their amazing projects.

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