How To Style A Bar Cart?

How do you style a bar cart like a pro?

Check out these 8 Swanky Bar Cart Ideas…

  1. Keep it Simple. A good rule of thumb when decorating is to keep everything simple.
  2. Use Books. Own a few mixology books?
  3. Add Pops of Color.
  4. Include Sodas or Mocktail Options.
  5. Find a Bar Cart That Matches Your Home Decor Style.
  6. Style for the Seasons.
  7. Use Texture and Patterns.

How do you spruce up a bar cart?

10 Brilliant Ways to Style a Bar Cart

  1. Use Ingredients as Decor. Thomas Kuoh.
  2. Balance High and Low. Antonis Achilleos.
  3. Serve Drinks on Tap. Fashionable Hostess.
  4. Style with the Seasons. Courtesy of Just Destiny.
  5. Have Fun with Decorating.
  6. Leave Space for Flowers.
  7. Opt for Lucite.
  8. Weave in Statement Glassware.

How do you organize liquor in a bar?

Tip Two: Create your zones. Much like a pantry, a bar is best organized into zones. Group liquor bottles and mixers together by type. Set aside an area for any specialty glassware like scotch and shot glasses. Put drink mixing supplies like shakers, stirrers and measuring cups together.

How tall should a bar cart be?

With this in mind, most bar carts are about 24 inches long and 16 inches deep with a height of 32 inches, which is a little higher than standard table height and a little lower than a standard kitchen counter height. Larger bar carts can be up to 40 inches long, while smaller carts may measure just 20 inches long.

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How do you make a home bar?

So grab a beer, whiskey, or glass of wine and get inspired because here are 71 totally unique ideas for decorating your home bar.

  1. Globe Bar:
  2. Bookcase Bar.
  3. Liquor Cabinet.
  4. TV Bar.
  5. Old Piano Bar.
  6. Recycled Beer Can Track Lighting.
  7. Skull and Antler Bar.
  8. Wine Barrel Outdoor Sink.

What are bar carts used for?

A bar cart is the perfect size to use in a small nursery or in a living room to store everything you need for baby. At an arm’s reach, have all of your supplies available in the area of your home you tend to baby the most.

What should a trolley drink have?

With a nod to Art Deco, we love this glamorous drinks trolley in a stunning brass finish. Curate the shelves with your favourite wines and cocktails.

  • Incorporate statement glassware.
  • Use the top and bottom of the bar cart.
  • Leave space for flowers.
  • Use cocktail ingredients as décor.

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