FAQ: Who Pioneered An Extremely Emotional Style Of Preaching?

Who pioneered an emotionally style of preaching quizlet?

New lights were ministers who took part in the revivalist, emotive religious tradition pioneered by george white-field during the great awakening. The new lights used more emotional and animated ways of preaching. You just studied 12 terms!

What helped spread knowledge and ideas in eighteenth century colonial cities quizlet?

What helped spread knowledge and ideas in eighteenth century colonial cities? The early South Carolina economy focused on the export of deerskins and furs to England as well as on: the export of Indian slaves to the Caribbean.

How was the freedom of the press viewed in the eighteenth century?

In the eighteenth century how was freedom of the press viewed? Leaders saw it as a natural right. Governments praised it as helping democracy. Governments in both England and the colonies viewed it as dangerous.

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What was the most important bonding factor for African slaves quizlet?

What was the most significant bonding factor for slaves? Slavery.

What was the primary purpose of the proclamation of 1763 quizlet?

What was the purpose of the Proclamation of 1763? The purpose of the Proclamation of 1763 was to stabilize the relationship between the colonists and the Native Americans. You just studied 24 terms!

What was the middle passage quizlet?

The Middle Passage was a series of routes which slave ships used to transport slaves from West Africa to the Americas. The Middle Passage was in use from 1500 to 1850.

What was the biggest factor in leading to Spain having problems?

Answer Expert Verified. Part of the problem was the resistance of the indigenous peoples like the Apache to the Spanish control and then later to the Republican Army of the North of indigenous people and Americans who harassed the Spaniards and made them relinquish the territories.

How did the Stamp Act episode influence colonists concept of liberty?

What contribution did the Stamp Act episode make to the colonists’ concept of liberty? The Stamp Act Congress insisted that the right to consent to taxation was essential to people’s freedom. The Sons of Liberty: led New York colonists’ protests of the Stamp Act.

What sparked a new period of colonial expansion for England in the mid 17th century?

What sparked a new period of colonial expansion for England in the midseventeenth century? When England took over the Dutch colony that became New York: the English respected Dutch antislavery laws, so that New York became a center for free African-Americans in North America.

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Who does freedom of the press apply to?

First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. 435 U.S. at 798.

What are the limits of freedom of press?

Freedom of speech and expression, therefore, may not be recognized as being absolute, and common limitations or boundaries to freedom of speech relate to libel, slander, obscenity, pornography, sedition, incitement, fighting words, classified information, copyright violation, trade secrets, food labeling, non-

Why is freedom of press so important?

The freedom of the press, protected by the First Amendment, is critical to a democracy in which the government is accountable to the people. A free media functions as a watchdog that can investigate and report on government wrongdoing.

What was Spain’s sacred experiment in California quizlet?

What was Spain’s “Sacred Experiment” in California? It involved a military strategy to weaken the Indians. The development of rice plantations in South Carolina: led to a black majority in that colony by the 1730s.

Did the Virginia company accomplish its goals?

The Virginia Company accomplished its goals for the company and for its settlers. Believing that tobacco was harmful to one’s health, King James I warned against its use. Puritans believed that the Church of England was not in need of reform. The Pilgrims intended to set sail for Cape Cod in 1620.

What led to slavery decreasing Philadelphia after 1750?

What led to slavery decreasing in Philadelphia after 1750? Artisans and merchants turned more to wage laborers.

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