FAQ: What Is A Protective Style?

What are some protective styles?

10 Protective Styles to Try This Summer

  • Box braids. Box braids are a protective style that can last you 4-6 weeks with proper care.
  • Crochet hair. Crochet is a unique braiding technique.
  • Wig.
  • Braided Crown and Low Bun.
  • Flat Twist.
  • Two Strand Twists.
  • Pineapple/Puff Updo.
  • Braided Ponytail or Bun.

What is considered a protective hairstyle?

A protective hairstyle (a term generally used with reference to Afro-textured hair) is a hairstyle that tucks the hair away and keeps it free from manipulation. Protective hairstyles include braids, dreadlocks, and twists.

How are braids a protective style?

“It’s a protective hairstyle because, when having box braids, you’re not putting heat to your hair or styling every day, which over time causes damage.” Sargent explains how this gives your hair time to rest and focus on that amazing growth. “This protective style also helps alleviate breakage.

Do protective styles help hair grow?

Protective hairstyles are one of the most common and effective ways to grow hair. Not only can a protective style help hair to grow, but it also protects hair from damage and helps it to maintain hydration.

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Are puffs a protective style?

Afro puffs are one of the simplest and easiest styles you can do on natural hair that is long enough. Even though your hair is technically left out in the puffs, this is still considered a protective style.

Is it bad to wear braids all the time?

Talk to your stylist to determine how long your specific braids should be in to maintain the health of your hair and scalp, but as a general rule try to keep your braids in for no longer than 8 weeks at a time for optimal scalp and hair health.

Why is it called protective hairstyle?

When you wear your ends tucked away, your hair is in a protective style. This is important because your ends are the oldest and most fragile part of the strand. A lot of times, added synthetic or human hair is added for even more versatility in color, thickness, length, and appearance in texture.

How long should I keep a protective style in?

Leave your protective style in too long The standard is typically 6 to 8. Keep in mind that the longer you leave your protective style in for, the more build-up you’ll have. You’ll also have new growth that is putting pressure on your braids or twists that can result in the breakage you’re attempting to prevent.

What is the point of a protective style?

Protective hairstyles aim to limit the stress of environmental factors on natural hair by keeping the ends of hair tucked away in order to discourage tugging, pulling, and manipulation. But if you don’t know how to maintain your natural hair under these styles, it can cause more harm than good.

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How long should you let your hair breathe after braids?

“For example, I normally recommend letting your hair breathe for at least three to seven days post-sew-in or braids before getting extensions reinstalled.” For natural styles, however, she thinks that taking a one- or two-day break is a good idea.

Do braids ruin curl pattern?

Yea, definitely cease the braiding, braiding it too often will train your curls to adopt that curl pattern. Just like they said^ do not brush your hair, only do so in the shower when there is some type of conditioner in your hair and your using a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair.

What actually grows hair?

Hair grows from a root at the bottom of a follicle under your skin. The blood in your scalp goes to the follicle and supplies oxygen and nutrients to the hair root, which helps your hair grow. As your hair grows, it will push through your skin and pass by an oil gland.

Does braiding hair make it grow?

But unfortunately, braiding hair does not speed up growth rate. So, if you struggle with hair loss due to over-styling and breakage, wearing your hair in braids actually might help you grow out your hair. However, wearing your hair in too-tight braids can actually cause breakage.

Are protective styles bad?

But leaving a protective style for too long can cause tangling, dryness, breakage, matting, and buildup of dirt and grease. If you’re traveling or for some reason can’t take out your style that quickly, you will probably be okay- but never leave in a style for more than two months.

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