FAQ: How To Style A Middle Part?

What hairstyle should I get with a middle part?

The middle part undercut is a more high-end, sharp version of the classic middle part hairstyle. It’s short and sleek, with a long fringe and closely cut underneath on the sides. The hairstyle emphasises the curtain fringe and makes it the main feature, which is what it truly deserves.

Can everyone pull off a middle part?

Middle parts are hard to pull off And, we’ll be honest with you, not everyone can pull off the middle part — no matter how hard they chase after it. Parting your hair down the center à la Kim Kardashian can make for a severe and stunning style, but what works for her may not work for us.

Should I wear a middle part?

“The ideal part line is down the middle or a deep side part,” Fowler says. “Both of these parts will give the illusion of length and create symmetry around your face.” Here, Selena Gomez plays up the volume to accentuate her middle part.

How do you tell if you can pull off a middle part?

If your face shape is round, part your hair down the middle or with a deep side part. “If you have a round shape, the ideal part line is down the middle or a deep side part,” Fowler says.

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Do I look better with a middle or side part?

In general, Farel says the best part depends on your face shape. “A side part overall complements strong cheekbones and good bone structure,” he says. “Middle parts are ideal for an oblong shaped face and I believe add an illusion of roundness.”

Is a middle part hard to pull off?

But as many of us who have become accustomed to rocking a side part probably know, center part hairstyles can be difficult to pull off. I for one had a center part from the time I grew hair until I was around 15.

Is a middle part flattering?

If you have an oval, round, diamond, or heart-shaped face, a middle part will help compliment your facial features. “It creates the illusion of length and gives the look of perfect symmetry for the face,” Spellman says.

How can a girl get a middle part?

Thankfully Stenson has an easy hack. “My favorite tip for finding a middle part is to lay a tail comb vertically on the nose and rock it back into the hair line,” he says. “From there, slide the comb back through the hair to create the perfectly centered middle part.”

Are middle parts more attractive?

“Sometimes you want something that is just super-flattering, and sometimes you want something that’s very model-esque and high-fashion.” In general, a center-part will highlight the angularity of your face, but it will also be less forgiving of any asymmetry — so your cat-eye better be on-point.

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