Le Nozze


Buongiorno from breathtaking Taormina, Sicilia! I have been away from blogging for a time, and will be for a while longer for with sunrises such as that which I am witnessing as I type, I am afraid this clavier shall be the last thing on my mind. I promise you that I will journal incessantly however, and return with sights of majesty and stories of the mysteries of this earth. But before I disappear for some three or so weeks, I thought a post was in order.

Since I am in Sicily to celebrate the marriage of a dear friend, and also as the first leg of a tour to celebrate my 30th year on this planet, I thought I’d share some sartorial photos from a look for another Italian wedding I attended last October…only, it was in New York.


The Metropolitan Opera hosted a much-lauded production of my favourite Opera, Le Nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro) last October. While in the city for yet another wedding, it would have been sacrilegious not to hear that glorious overture of Mozart’s in the flesh. And who is an opera aficionado who is not a fan of a sprinkling of melodrama in all facets of life, including dress?


This dress was made for me by MIna Evans from  design I sketched, with back bow detailing shameless stolen from the annals of Valentino Couture. For an event as rich in texture as the soft, sweeping arias of Mozart, I chose a luscious dark green velvet, which I had bough from an inelegant parking lot stall at Accra’s Makola Market.


A gold accent by way of a belt punctuated what might have been too monotonous a look and accentuated the waist, as the sprightly “Non piu andrai” aria does the opera.

That glorious evening at the Met is a memory now; I look forward to making new memories at this nozze in Sicilia. I shall again wear green. And then there shall be a nozze Italiano  of different sort and outcome in just 7 days: Diana Damrau will be singing Donizetti’s Lucia at Teatro Alla Scala – the word “gratitude” does not begin to capture the feeling that pervades me as l reflect upon being so lucky as to see the coloratura of our time on a stage as magestic as the breaking of the “kingdom of daylight” that has just unfurled operatically before my eyes.




What I Wore: Mina Evans dress, Nicholas Kirkwood shoe, Judith Leiber Clutch

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  1. Julius

    She REALLY TRIED IT talking about that New York October from June Italy. Gworllllllll

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