Giambattista Valli AW 14 Couture


The Giambattista Valli Autumn Winter 2014 collection out of Paris yesterday sang such power and poise that I had to share some of the striking looks, especially given that the Italian-born French designer has long been a favourite artist of mine. The signature Valli simplicity and femininity exemplified by the  pencil silhouette is tempered with voluminous cake-like ombre skirts paired with clean masculine collared shirts; no-nonsense stripes meet fiery florals; austere floor-length  dresses drape delicately over the body’s curves under luscious bi-coloured fur. And  everything is crowned  with what should be the next big hair trend. The entire collection is Dior New Look classic in it’s 40s/ 50s shapes and thankful profligacy with fabric, yet is entirely fresh, young and of this current epoch in its rendering.  Here are a few of my favourite looks. Don’t forget to ogle the shoes too.









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