Always Wear Joy!

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That’s the title of Susan Fales-Hill’s memoir and homage to her mother: Always Wear Joy. Though I have barely begun to scratch the surface of the book, I can anounce with élan that  it is masterful. Ms. Fales-Hill writes like a swan swims: with such mellifluous grace that it belies any paddling below the surface. She is a beautiful woman with a blessed hand. I had the pleasure of having breakfast with Susan recently in NYC and she is every bit a charming in person as her writing suggests. After breakfast, my friend Gail and I walked over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to indulge in the exhibition of Charles James gowns currently installed  there. Like Susan, who, by the way has been named on the Vanity Fair International Best Dressed Hall of Fame, Mr James had much sensible advice when it comes to the art of dressing and of dressmaking.

“Cut in dressmaking is like grammar in a language, a good design should be like a well made sentence , and it should only express one idea at a time,”  Mr. James is quoted as having said. Well, Susan, who has written for Vogue, is certainly cut from a unique cloth. She expresses ideas like a bias cut, with a weightless gravity that never takes itself too seriously but commands your attention by the fashion in which her words flow. Simply put, she (and her book) is classic Vionnet.

Mr. James was right: “Fashion, after all, is magic and miracle…intended to bestow proportion and beauty where both have been lost or faded with the years”.  If “a thing of beauty is,” indeed, “a joy forever”, as Keats phrased it, then it is concinnously logical that both Ms. Fales-Hill and Mr. James work breathed so much unalloyed  joy into me that dahe A joy potentiated by Gail’s  company and evidenced by these playful shots which she we took. Gail played photographer dexterously, jocund and confident as she always is. Her spirit made me feel not as though I was posing to capture photos of an outfit, but that we were two grownup kids living in the moment and milking the day (and my outfit) for all the joy it was pregnant with. The joy is yours! Just take it!  Always wear joy!

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What I Wore: Zara flared dress, Fendi sandals, Celine classic box bag, Linda Farrow Luxe cateye sungalsses


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  1. Julius

    I’ve got the #joyjoyjoyjoy down in my heart #howboutherthough #24Kgoldbelt #whowereyoutalkingtoonthephone #wasntme #rude

  2. I must say your blog is definitely one of my greatest joys of the day. absolutely love your writing.
    all the best

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