Cartagena Crop


An out-of-focus to capture the OOTD. In a hurry to find air-conditionining, it’s no surprise all our shots were blurry

When my friend and I visited Cartagena des Indias, Colombia earlier this month, we were fully prepared… or so we thought. We had done all our research and pretty much knew the colonial city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, inside-out before our wedge heels hit the pavement. Little did we know that nothing and no one can prepare you for the cartagena heat. The torrid temperature hit us like heavy news. Luckily, I packed lots of whites (all of which, each day, were soaked within minutes of stepping outside of our air-conditioned room at the gorgeous Casa Pestagua, a centuries-old villa turned boutique hotel).

IMAG1052 IMAG1051

This first outfit was in reaction to the heat: wear as little as possible. But given that I tend to lean away from the overtly sexy, I thought the proportion play with the boxiness of the top and shortness of the shorts would edge up it up a bit.
2014-04-30 15.23.31-1 IMAG1085
On the streets of Cartagena’s Historic Walled City
I adore clothing that takes the form of a canvas that has been painted on–think Mary Katrantzou Fall 2013 (see collection here) or Prada Spring 2013 (see collection here) or even better yet Manolo Blahnik’s walking works of art inspired by Réné Magritte (article here). Though this high-street watercolour take on the clothing-as-literal-art theme is no Mary or Muiccia, it gets the job done at a price point that won’t cause me insomnia. Besides, red, black and white is always a winning colour combination!
A Botero! And two friends who can’t stop being silly for long enough to take a photo; Plaza Santo Domingo, Cartagena
I love my friend’s Dolce and Gabbanna sunglasses. Who knew Cartagena could get any more colourful than it already is?
What I Wore: Topshop crop top, Zara skort, Fendi colour-block sandals (the old faithfuls), Céline classic box bag, Céline Audrey sunglasses


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