Fringe Benefit





Departing for Baru from Bocagrande, Cartagena


Bocagrande in our wake


Clear blue skies and wind in the fringe

The perks of being a planner = a night in Baru, Colombia at the beautiful Casa San Agustin. This leg of a recent trip to Colombia was not an easy one to plan, given the remote location of our chosen habitation amongst other factors that should have discouraged us.  In the end, the visit was  certainly worth the trouble. Baru is an untamed slice of the Colombian Caribbean. Clear aquamarine waters welcome you to this gem of a peninsula just about 45 minutes off the coast of Cartagena.  As one trip advisor reviewer put it, “Baru is no Turks and Caicos” and thank heavens for that! What it is, is an expanse of  untamed splendor, far from perfection but full of pulchritude. But more about Baru later ;for now, the fringe benefit of it being Friday is that I get to share a lazy post detailing not much else but the clothes on my back when I arrived in Baru. The perks of relentless internet deal searching? Scoring a white crop blouse with cut out shoulders for under $12!


IMAG1834_1IMAG1844 IMAG1842_1 IMAG1837


What I Wore: Club Monaco ostrich feather skirt, Ebay purchased crop blouse, Prada metallic sandal, Celine Luggage Tote bag, Tom Ford Nico sunglasses

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