Now Sissy That Walk





I wrote “Red…for Filth” (here) last year during the season 5 run of the TV programme, RuPaul’s Drag Race as an homage to the variegated world of drag culture from which I draw so much joy. Tonight, I watched the season six finale of Drag Race live at my friend Corian’s  (life and times of the cableless) and did we have a ball! As I drove home in a state of sheer bliss, I turned on Ru’s song “Sissy That Walk” which has been ubiquitous this season.  It’s a catchy cantata with a booming beat and somewhat puerile yet emancipating lyrics that urge you to own whatever you are. As much as I enjoy the towing of androgynous lines in all things and especially in fashion, there is something quite powerful about owning one’s femininity  to the very core and the glorification of such femininity is one of the reasons I am so inclined towards the art of drag.  That’s what it means to sissy that walk: when a queen “sashays” and struts with all her might, she’s all woman and she’s owning every inch of that “womanity”.

There are certain dresses that make you truly want to sissy that walk, and then there are the ones that make it virtually impossible to sissy that walk but make you feel every bit a woman; every bit the part. Here’s one such look from my friend Elé’s  beautiful wedding in Paris last September. Eléonore herself is a quintessentially French lady ; a woman of immense grace and classic feminine allure. She looked flawless at every one of her nuptial events and at the final event, the black-tie yatch reception during which we cruised the Seine at sunset and dined and danced the night away below deck, she was a ravishing vision of elegance. She’s the real deal.

* Special thanks to immensely talented photographer, Aurélien of Winter Birds Photography for the beautiful professional shots, interspersed here with some shots from ye old camera phone*



The stunning bride, in luxurious fur, welcomes here guests


Not your standard issue boat shoes

IMAG2252 copy

E&G mariage-425

My very darling friend, the sister of the bride and I

WE&G mariage-426

E&G mariage-430 E&G mariage-432  E&G mariage-428

E&G mariage-452

Aurélien’s brilliant shots of Paris by night as seen from the yatch’s deck

E&G mariage-454

The “incontournable” monument abstracted by Aurélien

E&G mariage-477

E&G mariage-441 copy

A bridal vision of elegance

What I Wore: H&M Conscious Collection dress, Christian Louboutin Iriza d’orsay pumps, Swarovski earrings, Oscar de la Renta cuff.

*Another round of special thanks to my friend Sam without whom this dress would not have been possible*

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  1. Julius

    Give this girl a cardboard moon-hat covered in gold fabric and hip dislocation so she can SISSY THAT WALK mutha-style.

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