In The Navy

The pollen count in Atlanta today was 1690; spring has finally sprung! How then am I just now getting to posting photos of from the bleak mid winter? Procrastination coupled with a good dose of Insanity! I took a bit of hiatus from properly posting for several reasons: I have working with a truly talented artist and friend on the aesthetics of this blog; I have been, until about two weeks ago, deep in the fitness program, Insanity, in attempt to bring my body back to normal after a Christmas of frivolous indulgence; and because no one knows how to put something off till tomorrow like I do.  Insanity (well the fitness program at least) in it’s rigid gregorian form is history now– I am still doing a video here and there as part of my overall fitness regime– and so with more time at my disposable,  I hope to be able to better focus on sharing with you. A coat is the sort of garment I believe one should invest in with aplomb, knowing it will clothe you for several cold seasons to come. When I finally chanced upon a navy-coloured wool coat that fit the bill in December,  I found a new reason to embrace the chill in the air. Bold gold hardware on a classic cut redolent of regimentary regalia: the decision was already made. She’s been a mutli-faceted joy to own: practical, earnest.2013-02-02 12.56.33 2013-02-02 13.05.19 2013-02-02 12.58.50 2013-02-02 13.00.26 2013-02-02 15.51.59 2013-02-02 15.45.42 2013-02-02 13.10.24 2013-02-02 13.12.46  2013-02-02 13.11.29 2013-02-02 13.00.05 2013-02-02 13.25.05 2013-02-02 13.29.11 2013-02-02 13.31.45 2013-02-02 13.36.11-2

Photo Credit: 4CHairChick with special thanks to Leslie Reid

What I Wore: Club Monaco “Isabelle” Coat, Club Monaco silk shirt, Zara shorts, Vintage Nina Ricci scarf, Stuart Weitzman “Seamstress” bootie, Dior “Mohotani” sunglasses, Balenciaga Pocket Tote (argile et noir),

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