Tight Ropes and Rose Gold

There is not all together too much to say in this post. I will let the shots shine for themselves. I will say though that the NINETEEN year old photographer who captured these photos radiates a brilliance far beyond his years. Starting this blog has allowed me to collaborate in some truly sating ways; meeting young Mr. Hill and hearing him talk about and show his refulgent passion for art, photography and the well-lived life is one of those treasured experiences.

It’s interesting to watch him walk the tight rope between youth and maturity. That someone as young as he is (in years) is an adult sheds unattenuated light on the slow fading of my own light; on my own aging. I suffer from a somewhat-controlled anxiety about “getting up there” and about not achieving all I have set out to before I am up wherever there is….Here I go: I started by saying I did not have much to say but alas, my tangential brain takes go over.

For every aversive feeling I have about growing old, I get an even greater feeling of joy from the celebration of age.  It was a beautiful paradox indeed to meet this young talent on a night when I was off to celebrate the addition of a year to a friend’s life. In a similar vein I suppose, here I am trying to to find a sartorial stasis between the subtle and the scintillating, reveling in the harmonious tensions between masculinity and femininity.


 The way of paradoxes is the way of truth. To test Reality we must see it on the tight-rope. When the Verities become acrobats we can judge them.

– Oscar Wilde

DSC_0035 DSC_0056 DSC_0093 (1) DSC_0111 DSC_0129 DSC_0182 DSC_0184 DSC_0222 DSC_0224 DSC_0242

What I Wore: ASOS Rose Gold Sequin dress (with halter strap cut off and dress cut in half to make a bustier top); Custom Queen Thai Silk tuxedo trouser; Club Monaco blazer; Yves Saint Lauren Clara pumps in purple suede; Rebecca Minkoff MAC clutchSwarovski “Bella” Earrings in Golden Shadow; Swarovski “Louise” ring in Nude; Kenneth Jay Lane Tiger Gold and Enamel cuff

About Natasha

Word- and dough-smith. Girl in search of "the illumination, that ecstatic flash, from which truth emerges".


  1. Nnenna

    That’s the sequin top whose bits I found hiding in the coat closet. Chic!

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