Let There Be Leather

2012-12-15 15.40.03

I fell in love with a piece of the Ghesquière legacy before he left Balenciaga. Admire as I do the body of  work of Alexander Wang– the new designer at the helm of the legendary fashion house– Nicholas Ghesquière’s hard-edged femininity of design shall be missed.

 While in Paris in September, I spotted the tote of my dreams in the Balenciaga boutique close to Avenue Montaigne.  Yes, I know, a bag hardly represents the (or any) former head designer’s oeuvre, as accessories are often handled completely separately, Still there is symbolism in that the piece is from his era. Subtle in colour and strong in structure with minimal yet bold hardware– this tote had to be mine. And mine she has indeed become, albeit two months of saving later, this specimen of supple smooth leather.

Before I took the plunge and purchased her  ( I know , this personification of a purse is the zenith of frivolity and to add insult to injury my cousin nicknamed her Camilla Oksana) but well after I had discovered her, I unearthed another piece of leathery lusciouness that I had to have! An afternoon perusing Etsy led me to the the JODClothing store, owned by the sweetest Dublin-based designer, Jen O Dwyer. I had been on a perpertual hunt for the perfect leather jacket and just like that, I  had found it!  I immediately decide to unite myself with Jen’s custom biker jacket after consulting a few…alright several…trusted friends. The funnel neck of the jacket lends an air of drama that is balanced perfectly the simplicity of line. Again, the marriage of glamourous feminity and hardcore badass had won me over. Besides, the price was unbeatable for a custom-made, hand-finished piece.

With my two leather loves finally in my possession, I took them out for a spin this past weekend when I went to see a local production of David Sedaris’ Santaland Diaries with friends. Many Thanks to my cousin, 4cHairChick, for the photos!

2012-12-15 16.11.24

2012-12-15 15.33.55 2012-12-15 15.34.46

2012-12-15 15.52.35

2012-12-15 15.40.13

2012-12-15 15.41.15

2012-12-15 16.00.30

2012-12-15 16.05.16

2012-12-15 16.09.11



What I wore: JODClothing Leather Biker Jacket, Club Monaco silk shirt, Club Monaco trouser, Nicholas Kirkwood wedge shoe, Balenciaga Pocket Tote in argile et noire

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Word- and dough-smith. Girl in search of "the illumination, that ecstatic flash, from which truth emerges".


  1. Pati

    JOD rocks my world. How many compliments have you had on yours? I had to ask Jen to send me business cards to hand out. lol

    • Hello Pati, So so many compliments! I am always happy to help spread the word about a handworking creative individual like Jen. Perhaps I ought to request business cards too 🙂 Thank you for checking out my blog.

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