Bern Notice

When I was in Switzerland in September, I ventured outside the Canton de Vaud briefly and spent a little over half a day in Bern with a friend who lives there. Such a beautiful city, I wish I had had more time to immerse myself into all that Swiss-Germanry but alas,  I was en Suisse for a wedding and duty called.

I took the train from Lausanne to Bern (or Berne if you are Lausannois) after a day of “he” activities with the bride and friends. My friend met me at the train station in Bern. It was a rainy but crisp night. I longed to tour the city by night but jet lag would not have it so. Instead we spent the evening in his charming old flat listening to Liszt  punctuated by precipitation and drinking chocolat chaud. It was one of those moments too perfect to be real.

He showed me around quickly the next day, before we had to head to Lausanne for wedding festivities. We toured the quaint old city and the Bern Münster, a gilt  old gothic catherdral. We strolled through bäerenpark (the bear park) up to the Restaurant Rosengarten, a casual restuarant surrounded by the glorious rose gardens with a spectacular view of the city. Lunch here was a marvelous benediction to our mini tour.

I shall certainly share photos of the city and sights but as I wax lyrical, I remind myself this is supposed to be a style post so here’s what I wore. Most of these pieces you may have already seen; this has been the year of learning how to pack light. I actually noticed, only after starting this blog, how often I wear my Maryam Keyhani feather necklace. Milking her for all she’s worth, indeed!

IMAG1817 IMAG1816   IMAG1830

IMAG1838 IMAG1836 IMAG1835

IMAG1869 IMAG1879 IMAG1852

What I wore: Banana Republic trench coat; J Crew silk camisole (bought used online for all of $20!); Club Monaco legging; Fendi Colour block sandal:  Maryam Keyhani Feather necklace; Céline Audrey sunglasses; Céline Luggare Mini handbag; Bracelets: the usuals (Hermès+ Kenneth Jay Lane) + malachite bracelet purchased at craft market in Ghana.

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  1. Dela

    Thanks for sharing our adventures with us!

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