Giving Thanks: Nourishing the MindBody

Just a week ago today, we celebrated the holiday of Thanksgiving. Last night, I came home to find the sovreignty sancitity of my home ravished: my apartment had been broken into and the robber(s) made away with  10,000 odd dollars worth of things. But they were just things. The dolor of losing what I have worked hard to to acquire, pales in comparison to losing one’s peace of mind and the ability to find respite in the place one calls home.

Even so, I am thankful for what I do have: loving friends and family who reached out to make certain of my mental and physical wellbeing. I am thankful for the ability to face this violation with (even if inconsistent) upkesha (equinimity). I remembered the words of my amazing and inspiring yoga instructor, Kquivien: “Do not become attached to any feelings of victory of defeat, ” quoth she, after a vigrous pranayama session, ” just let it flow through you”. In that moment during class, I felt I finally understood what upeksha and vairagya (detachment) mean. The goal, in cultivating these ideals, is not to fail to feel the pain or passion of the moment (or not to enjoy the things we possess), but to allow those feelings to flow through you without latching on to them. In this moment of losing some of my most dear possessions, I was afforded unique occasion to practice what had been preached to me. For this opportunity, I am also thankful.

After all, “A man is not rich by what he owns or possesses but what he can do without”  -Immanuel Kant. I am therefore richer today than I was yesterday. To quote Transtromer, from my very first post: “I am not empty, I am open”. The thieves simply made room in my heart and life (and not to mention on my dresser” for the universe to keep filling.

In all of this rather grave and sombre rumination, I am quite grateful to those who have also lent levity to last night’s occurrence. There have been jokes a-plenty and the medicine of laughter, though no antedote, has been an anodyne. In this spirit of mirth, I will share the dishes I concoted last week for the American ritual: Thanksgiving.  Ours was a pescetarian thanksgiving: I shared it with two darling friends at their new home and M1 is not of the gobble gobble persuasion, though M2 and I are omnivores of the first order. My M&Ms made a gorgeous salmon on baked on a bed of leeks, braised cabbage and perfect brussel sprouts.  I prepared  four additions for our feast: Lavendar Honey Dinner Rolls, Portobello Mushroom Challah Stuffing, Apple-Orange Compote-Filled Pumpkin Crêpe Cake and Cranberry Apple Pie. In the future, if there be  demand for it, I shall share recipes in my posts. For now, feel free to contact me if anything tickles your fancy.

With Thanks,

Lavendar Honey Dinner Rolls

 The Rolls

 What’s a home-made dinner roll without home-whipped cinnamon butter with seasalt?


Portobello Mushroom Challah Stuffing


And Thus Begins the Stuffing

Stewin’ for the Stuffin’

All done: Portebello Mushroom Challah Stuffing


Pumpkin Crêpe Cake 

Pumpkin Crêpe Cake filled with Apple-Orange Compote and topped with a Cranberry Coulis

  Pecans hiding in the layers 🙂

Cranberry Apple Pie

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Word- and dough-smith. Girl in search of "the illumination, that ecstatic flash, from which truth emerges".


  1. maame

    Hey Tasha , so sorry to hear that this happened to you. I hope you are doing well after all. OMG! and your blog is amazing.
    This is Maame.

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